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Emergency Wood Ban Affecting All Guests

April 2012

Effective Immediately, Absolutely no outside wood of any kind is allowed unless it meets the following criteria:

Kiln Dried, Labeled, Pre-Packaged.  Management will have final say in any case where a package of wood is in doubt. 

As we enter another camping season, changes in the Midwest have brought us to make an emergency rule change regarding firewood.  We have seen this monster looming for over five years now, and have been warning you each year that a wood ban was on the horizon.  In 2007 we began to refuse outside wood from your guests and non-members.  The wood ban is now in effect for all seasonal tenants and members. 

This applies to all patrons of the park including members and seasonal tenants.  All unauthorized wood will be immediately confiscated and burned by staff.  We are attempting to prevent an Emerald Ash Borer infestation.

The KLiPP Rule of Wood
Kiln Dried

The following documents were mailed to seasonal tenants on April 24, 2012.  Your questions will be answered in these documents. Do you currently have wood on your seasonal site?  Read the documents below for details on existing firewood.

Documents Explaining Wood Ban-A Must Read!
Emergency Wood Communication pdf:/inc/files/Emergency_Wood_Notice.pdf
Letter president regarding Wood Ban and Bulk Purchases:/inc/files/Updated_Pricing_Seasonal_Bulk_Wood_Letter.pdf
APHIS Fact Sheet:  /inc/files/APHIS_Fact_Sheet.pdf

From this point forward, no trees dead or alive may be harvested from the river or wilderness areas of the property. There is no way to determine where this wood came from once it is stacked on your site. Absolutely no pallet wood or construction lumber or scraps may be brought into the resort. Your compliance is mandated.

If you have any questions after reading these documents, please contact Jay Maier at 1-800-747-5253 or

We appreciate your cooperation.

Bud Johnston


Sunset Lakes Resort