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Deposit and Cancellation Policies

Deposit, Cancellation & Pricing Policies

All reservation deposits are non-refundable and are due at time of booking; generally speaking the 1st night is required to be paid when reserving. A credit card is required for all cabin and golf cart rentals. There is a minimum stay of 2 nights for all campsites and rental cabins (3 or 4 night minimum on Holidays). If reservation requests are received for less than the minimum, management will have the option of accepting or denying the reservation. In most cases, the client will be given the option of increasing their number of nights. Most weeknight requests will be honored for 1 night. We reserve the right to impose additional cleaning fees to Rental Park Models for single night reservations. Golf Carts require at least a three-day rental to reserve in advance, 4 days on Holiday weeks; damage deposit is also required on credit card. Deposit policies and cancellation policies can be reasonably amended without advanced notice. Please visit for any changes or resort news. We are happy to assist with changes to your itinerary assuming they are in the best interest of the resort fifteen or more days prior to arrival; If a different site type is selected you will be responsible for additional charges. New for 2014-upon arrival a Refundable Gate Key Deposit of $5 to $10 may be required.

Please complete all cancellations in writing. You may send your cancellation by mail to 3333 290th St. N. Hillsdale, IL 61257; by fax to 309-658-2603; or email Only managers are able to accept and process a cancellation; you will be provided with a cancellation number to retain for your records. Management will work with you to find an alternate date to apply any remaining credit to; it is our goal to accommodate cancellations by rescheduling your stay. Cancellations received 15 or more days prior to your check in date will have a $10 processing fee deducted from your deposit on file. Cancellations received 14 days to 3 days prior to your check in date will have the first night’s payment of the base camping or park model rate deducted. Deposits are never refundable and may be converted into a credit for a future stay (gate key deposits may be refundable). Cancellations received within 48 hours of your arrival date require full payment for two nights (3 nights for holidays). All remaining charges after cancellation are the responsibility of the guest and may be charged to the card on file. Outdoor recreation is a chance sport, we cannot issue refunds do to uncooperative weather or any other unforeseen events beyond our control.

All rates are now determined by a dynamic pricing protocol within our reservation system. Staff has no control over dynamic rates. Verbal and written quotes are not reservations and do not “lock in” a particular rate. Its simply best to make your deposits on reservations as early as possible. If you are coordinating a group please get a written and signed Group Agreement from the resort manager. Rates are not guaranteed until a reservation has been processed with a proper deposit. Any changes to your reservation may have an effect on pricing and total charges.

Deposit policies, cancellation policies, Pricing Policies, Terms and Conditions, or any other rules regarding use of the park can be reasonably amended without advanced notice; Please visit for any changes or resort news.

Updated November 10, 2013

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