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Seasonal Rates


Price quoted Includes all resort fees, amenities fees, and maintenance fees. Receive unlimited usage of site and all amenities in season. Those renewing receive free winter storage.  All seasonal lots include a concrete pad, water and sewer unless otherwise noted.  Many of our sites offer extra features such as 50-amps, patios, sheds or a view of the lake.

For special member pricing please call the office.  Any discounts noted apply to new seasonal tenants only-see manager for details.

Call the 1-800-747-5253 and ask for Jay, or email

Checkout our mid-season discounts below!*

*New tenants only-restrictions apply, see manager for complete details, applies to select lots only. 

2017 Lots
Lot #RentalNotes
L-410$4600Available for 2018
L-405$4100Available for 2018
L-403$4100Available for 2018
updated 8/21/17
Recently Rented Lots
Q-729$3795Rented 08/06/2017
Q-723$3795Rented 08/05/2017
Q-716$3795Rented 08/04/2017
Q-720$3795Rented 08/04/2017
Q-741$3995Rented 7/26/2017
Q-730$3795Rented 07/16/2017
L-408$4100Rented 07/16/2017
Q-717$3795rented 07/12/2017
L-409$4100Rented 07/10/2017
I-169$3450Rented 07/10/2017
L-402$4100Rented 07/04/2017
Q-721$3795Rented 07/03/2017
Q-718$3750Rented 07/02/2017
L-401$2750Rented 07/02/2017
L-403$4100Rented 06/21/2017
L-407$4100Rented 6/19/2017
L-404$4100Rented 6/15/2017
Q-728$3795Rented 06/14/2017
K-245$3150Rented 6/10/2017
B-18$3150Rented 6/03/2017
K-268$3550Rented 5/29/2017
Q-740$3995Rented 5/28/2017
I-169$3425Rented 5/27/2017
B-16$3695Rented 5/25/2017
Q-722$3795Rented 5/21/2017
N-302$3500Rented 5/18/2017
R-603$3995Rented 5/8/2017
HT-3$4370Rented 4/28/2017
I-158$2900Rented 4/28/2017
Q-738$4095Rented 4/26/2017
B-11$3725Rented 4/24/2017
R-607$3995Rented 4/24/2017
K-234$3300Rented 4/21/2017
I-157$2650Rented 4/19/2017
R-604$3995Rented 4/4/2017
S-819$4300Rented 3/20/2017
R-614$3995Rented 3/17/2017
R-612$3995Rented 3/9/2017
R-613$3995Rented 3/06/2017
K-256$3300Rented 3/06/2017
Q-740$3995Rented 3/2/2017
B-16$3695Rented 3/1/2017
I-172$2600Rented 2/27/2017
R-615$3995Rented 2/21/2017
R-633$3995Rented 2/9/2017

*See manager for details, discounts may vary by site, may require rental for 2017 also for larger discounts

Availability list will change frequently. Act Now!

Call 1-800-747-5253 or email Today!

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